CyberSmart Law

Preventive Services

The CyberSmart Law division consults with companies, corporations and businesses of all sizes to help them craft a proactive approach to information security and data privacy issues, as well as compliance with relevant legal standards.  CyberSmart Law offers clients the following cyber-security services:

  • Works with clients to classify sensitive information appropriately;
  • Assesses compliance with legal obligations related to data security and data privacy;
  • Conducts information security reviews to identify vulnerabilities in-house and/or with vendors and sub-contractors;
  • Recommends courses of corrective action to reduce critical vulnerabilities and legal risk;
  • Reviews existing business operations and procedures for vulnerability to outside or inside threats, and makes recommendations for "hardening" operations and processes to mitigate risk;
  • Assists clients in complying with data breach laws and regulations;
  • Helps clients develop vendor management programs and conducts vendor reviews;
  • Prepares and helps clients implement recovery plans and business continuity plans.

CyberSmart Law is pleased to collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines that support the Firm’s work and extend the reach and success of client-specific legal projects or legal business needs. These include experts from private security and investigations firms, IT and information security firms, law enforcement, communications and public relations firms, technology specialists, and others.

Litigation Services

In addition to cyber-security advice, CyberSmart Law represents companies in disputes resulting from loss of confidential information and data breaches. Specifically, the CyberSmart Law division represents organizations, or their officers and directors, in litigation and regulatory investigations that arise due to a loss of critical information, trade secrets, or individuals’ personal identifying information (PII) and personal health information (PHI).

Business Cyber Questionnaire

If you are a business owner, take this brief questionnaire to learn whether CyberSmart Law can help your organization assess its legal compliance and make itself a tough target for cyber-crime.