Duke Law Office and CyberSmart Law:

guiding business through risk in technology and litigation.

Welcome to the Duke Law Office, a highly focused legal practice offering cyber security advice and litigation services to businesses. CyberSmart Law offers legal advice and guidance to businesses to strengthen their cyber security preparedness, including discovering and mitigating vulnerabilities, protecting trade secrets, and conducting assessments to help secure sensitive and business-critical information. Duke Law handles post-data breach litigation and business disputes, including the areas of contract disputes, enforcement of non-compete agreements, supplier and customer disputes, franchise law, merger and acquisition litigation, and shareholder litigation. 


Duke Law Litigation Division

Managing disputes to find solutions that work for your business.

With 20 years of large law firm experience, Duke Law is skilled in handling commercial disputes that need an experienced and business-minded lawyer, but cannot be economically handled by larger law firms. Duke Law has extensive experience with complex commercial arbitrations and litigation, case management, negotiation, relationship management, and motion practice (including preliminary and temporary injunctions, discovery motions, and summary judgment).  The firm's focus includes the following subject areas.

  • post data breach litigation
  • enforcement of non-compete agreements
  • protection of trade secrets
  • franchise and dealer disputes and terminations
  • contract disputes
  • business torts
  • fraud
  • enforcement of commercial promissory notes and guarantees
  • shareholder and business valuation disputes
  • supply-chain disputes
  • merger and acquisition litigation


CyberSmart Law Division

Helping your business address information security issues on your own.

CyberSmart Law helps businesses take an active approach in preventing the loss of intellectual property, and protecting confidential, private, and sensitive data. With twenty years of experience helping companies address business disruption and the litigation that stems from harm caused when data is compromised, the Firm's deep knowledge of cyber-based threats makes CyberSmart Law a valuable resource for identifying vulnerabilities in your company’s business processes and assisting you to prepare and maintain prevention and recovery plans.

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